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Dairy packaging innovations: an enhanced experience for consumers and manufacturers

by Greiner Packaging

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For reasons we will look at today, dairy products packaging is currently undergoing significant design and development changes, resulting in a greatly improved experience for consumers and manufacturers alike. Many of today’s pioneering dairy containers incorporate technology that delivers lightweight, renewable materials, significant UV protection and, from a marketing standpoint, considerably enhanced opportunities for exterior brand messaging.

These advancements offer companies the chance to deliver on their commitments to protect the environment and to enhance their product quality. For customers, the result is a pleasing visual experience and the opportunity to take advantage of ecologically friendly materials. That’s important, because consumers often make purchasing decisions while they compare products on the store shelf. This makes the look of packages in the dairy aisle and throughout grocery stores in general, a very important consideration for brand owners. Brands need visually appealing and engaging packaging. Additionally, new decoration possibilities and printing technologies allow manufacturers more opportunities for delivering marketing messages, recipes, contests, etc.

Also, there is tremendous worldwide demand for healthier food products and for convenient, environmentally friendly packaging solutions. According to Euromonitor International, dairy globally was the number one food category for packaging volumes in 2013 and it is also expected to record the second biggest absolute volume growth to 2018. Both growing demand in emerging regions and a need for packaging diversification in more saturated economies are behind this positive outlook.

With these dramatic projected increases, it is imperative that manufacturers put the emphasis on innovation. One area experiencing such examination is containers that block ultraviolet light. Over time, UV light can cause cracking, fading and other types of solar degradation to plastics. UV light can also reduce the quality and shelf-life of beverages and foods in transparent packaging.

Packaging is a vital strategy for brand owners adapting to changing customer preferences and the rising popularity of their products. The right packaging will not only provide shelf impact but can even improve the quality of the foods themselves.

New packaging that protects food quality and longevity is critical to improving consumers’ experience with dairy products and packages and manufacturers will continue to focus on this area in the near and distant future.

Stop by the dairy isle and see for yourself how plastic packaging is changing the products you buy every day.

If you’d like to learn more about how plastic dairy packaging can present an enhanced experience for consumers and manufacturers, we’d like to offer you a complimentary copy of the eBook we’ve been referring to, Greiner Packaging’s Forward-thinking packaging for today’s dairy product companies.

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Forward thinking packaging for today's dairy-product companies