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Keep your customers engaged with innovative packaging

by Greiner Packaging

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Today, let’s talk about how you can solidify your relationship with consumers by making the most of innovative packaging options. It’s time to move beyond brand loyalty and work toward creating a lasting conversation with the people who buy your products. The marketplace is crowded. How do you make your products stand out and keep your customers engaged?

Begin by ceasing to think of packaging as an expense. You will have your eureka moment when you realize it’s actually one of the least expensive and most impactful marketing tools at your disposal. Your packaging, whether it is plastic, cardboard or a combination of both, is as close to the consumer at the point of decision that you are ever going to get and no other marketing medium gets you closer to influencing a purchase decision.

One critical packaging decision you must make is the placement of your logo. Innovative new packaging allows for prominent logo placement that leads to brand recognition and superiority. Packaging Digest tells us that, because the logo is often the consumer’s first point of contact for a brand, it is crucial that product and company logos evoke the right image for the brand as well as elicit positive feelings and reactions in consumers. Ensuring that it is placed properly on packaging to maximize brand attention is one of the most important marketing decisions brand managers can make.

Next, today’s consumers want to be informed and acknowledged. According to eco-Insights blogger Robert Lilienfeld, history shows that while people say they want information, what they really want is to believe that you care enough about them to provide it. So be proactive and let the public know that you are happy to keep them up-to-date. Use packaging as an opportunity for delivering not only nutrition information, but also marketing messages, recipes, contests, etc. And be prepared: there’s a good chance that tomorrow’s issue will be more transparency, and not just about what is in the product, but also what’s in the packaging.

Finally, ensure your own corporate and brand longevity by using packaging with a smaller carbon footprint. Through manufacturing innovation, today you can choose from packages in unique shape and designs with premier messaging opportunities that will still protect your products but also promote responsible resource consumption and sustainability. Mark Dancy, president of WasteZero, a US-based waste reduction company, says that while fast-advancing technologies can boost green-friendly packaging, many companies continue to commit packaging mistakes. The main problem, he argues, is that when it comes to packaging most companies focus on two priorities: how this will drive consumers to their product and how much it will cost. For some, environmental sustainability is a third, less important concern. Stop thinking about the cost, and make recycling and reuse a priority.

Talk to your consumers to see how product packaging influences their buying habits and makes them committed to your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your customers engaged with innovative packaging options, we’d like to offer you a complimentary copy of our eBook, Greiner Packaging’s Customer engagement and the value of product packaging.

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