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Tis the season for seasonal packaging

by Greiner Packaging

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“Bringing new products to market is an expensive and risky venture. But one effective way to keep a product interesting and attract new consumers (without developing an entirely new product) is through the use of packaging that gives the product a fresh, new look. Design strategies and evolving packaging techniques give marketers new options to extend a marketing season, to add value to commodity products, or to provide a seasonal promotional push while maintaining the integrity of the established brand profile and equity.”

So says PackagingDesignMag.com in their recent online article, Designing seasonal packaging to expand marketing opportunities, which goes on to offer three examples of methods marketers have recently used to “package products that give consumers the excitement they demand while also building brand success.”

One of the points the article stresses is to work closely whenever possible with packaging designers and brand identity experts to achieve your design objectives. They offer the following list of credentials to look for in such a firm:

  • An awareness of the core brand and to maintaining and enhancing existing brand equities
  • Expertise in the latest packaging techniques and structures
  • Sensitivity to industry trends
  • The ability to talk and collaborate with packaging operators to identify and implement changes within cost and time parameters
  • The ability to develop and execute impactful and consumer relevant structural and visual designs
  • The desire to integrate packaging with brand strategy and any specific promotional opportunities

Similarly, packaging design firm Hornall Anderson offers its 10 tips for designing seasonal packaging, which we think you’ll enjoy. We especially like #3: “Create collectibles.”

Lastly, thedieline.com, an online platform for the packaging design industry, offered this 2013 online article, Building brand equity through seasonal packaging. It’s a few years old at this point, but the content is still pertinent today. You’ll especially appreciate the article’s “5 best practices to consider when designing seasonal packaging.”

These seasonal packaging tips apply to all industries, whether it be dairy, food, beverage, or other consumer-based products. We hope you enjoy them.

The importance of product placement at the grocery store never goes out of season, so we’d like to offer you a complimentary copy of our eBook, Greiner Packaging’s Customer engagement and the value of product packaging.

And please have a happy, safe holiday season.

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