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Advances in barrier technologies

by Greiner Packaging

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In this current era of healthy eating and organic diets, consumer demand for longer product shelf life without added preservatives is increasing. Depending on the product and its sensitivities — whether it be to moisture, oxygen, or light — it is often vital to provide food packaging protection by incorporating barrier properties during production. To help our clients deliver the best products possible, Greiner Packaging has heavily invested in advancing two new forms of barrier technology.

Multi-barrier technology (or “MBT”) involves embedding a barrier layer of EVOH, ethylene vinyl alcohol, within many layers of polypropylene plastic packaging. This process elevates the oxygen level within the packaging, protecting the filling from external effects in order to increase shelf life and protect inherent aromas. Multi-barrier technology allows for the production of highly transparent products while also making hot-filling a possibility. This is a great solution for many products that were previously packaged in glass or metal containers.

Inert barrier technology (or “IBT”), involves adding a silicon oxide layer to the outside of the plastic cup, as compared to MBT where the barrier layer is embedded inside the container. A silicon containing gas and oxygen are piped into a vacuum chamber while an electrode is used to generate plasma. This produces a coating on the cups (called a “covalent bond”) between the sealed inner layer and the plastic. The SiOx layer produced is “chemically inert” and therefore non-reactive, significantly reducing the oxygen and moisture permeability of the packaging.

Regardless of which solution is chosen, both technologies protect the product by minimizing external effects to the filling inside the cup. The ideal type of barrier technology depends on the product, the visual aspects of the packaging, and the filling technology used. The solutions experts at Greiner Packaging are able to help our customers select the precise barrier technology to best meet product specifications and consumer demand. For more information about Greiner Packaging and our technology visit http://www.greiner-gpi.com/en/technology/ – Barrier technology

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