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About IML (In-mold labeling)

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is shaping and decoration in a single step.

In-mold labeling, or IML for short, is a popular decoration technology for plastic packaging. Having utilized the process for more than 27 years, Greiner Packaging has seen first hand the numerous benefits of this state-of-the-art technology.

In-mold labeling allows the package shaping and decoration processes to be completed in a single-step. The label is placed in the injection molding tool in which the product is shaped, therefore bonding it permanently to the finished product. The texture of the label surfaces may be matte, rough, shiny or soft to the touch—offering diverse possibilities while always achieving high-resolution photo quality results.

Each packaging element—ranging from cups to lids or other components—may be decorated with the IML process and each application may be varied according to your needs. Utilizing this technology ensures that high-quality and decorative products are produced in a single-step hygienic production process, resulting in shorter production time and lower production costs.

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IML: Benefits

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is an efficient way to attract the attention your product deserves.

Eye-catching, efficient and durable: Your packaging must be unique and attractive in order to stand out on the shelf. Greiner Packaging’s in-mold labeling decoration technology guarantees exceptional yet economical results.

Discover the diverse marketing opportunities that IML makes possible.  

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Photo-quality printing

The IML decoration technique ensures high-resolution images in photo quality with a broad variety of surface qualities available—including matte, rough, shiny or soft to the touch. All sides of a cup or container may be decorated by utilizing a single label.

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Variable look & feel

In-mold labeling offers numerous design possibilities, allowing the packaging appearance to be fully customized to reflect branding requirements and differentiate the product on the shelf:

  • From cups with a conical shape to cups with a foot, each packaging element may be decorated individually.
  • A wide range of materials, inks and lacquers is available.
  • Paper-based, plastic labels or a barrier effect is also possible.
  • The texture of the label surface may be matte, rough, shiny or soft to the touch.

Be creative and give different parts of your packaging a different look!

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Packaging resistance

In-mold labels are scratch and humidity resistant, meaning the packaging may extend product shelf life by not being susceptible to cracking or wide variations in temperature. Labels are bonded permanently to the finished product.

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During the IML process, package shaping and decoration are done in a single step—resulting in a shorter production time and lower overall production costs. The technology also requires less material since heavy, thick-walled cups are replaced by thin-walled ones, resulting in reduced weight and transportation costs.

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The single-step production process of IML ensures hygienic production conditions. Safety is also guaranteed through the use of fully automated camera systems throughout the production environment.

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In-mold labeling makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection. The packaging and the label consist of the same material, allowing the entire cup to be easily recycled.

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IML: Application examples

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is the story behind successful businesses just like yours.

The outer appearance of a product—the plastic packaging design—determines the attention it commands on the store shelf. Along with the shape, the artwork plays a critical role in a consumer’s decision to purchase a product. In-mold labeling allows for creative, eye catching imagery that gets attention, while still taking advantage of a sustainable and efficient production process.

Here’s how it works: Take a look at some of our successful projects to see how businesses like yours are benefitting from the IML process.