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About K3®

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is more than 30 years of innovation.

High-quality packaging, communication and environmental protection join forces in K3® technology from Greiner Packaging. This industry-premier cardboard-plastic combination packaging for cups and non-round cups blends the opportunity for stellar design and effective marketing messages, delivering immediate impact right off the shelf.

Since its 1981 launch in Switzerland, K3® technology has become a constant presence on the shelves of European retailers, used to differentiate some of the world’s most illustrious food and beverage brands. We’re pleased to say that K3® is now here in the U.S.

With the innovation of K3® technology, Greiner Packaging has become the recognized leader in the field of premier cardboard-plastic combination packaging.

What makes K3® so unique? Convenience for starters. Thanks to its innovative, patented tear-open system, K3® delivers the ability to easily separate its plastic and cardboard components. Reduced plastics content contributes to lower CO2 emissions, while a high level of stability is guaranteed through the durable cardboard wrap. As often as possible, renewable resources are used and, whenever appropriate, biopolymers such as PLA are incorporated. The cardboard surface provides a pleasant feel to the touch as well as outstanding printing capabilities for a distinctive appearance and an unparalleled opportunity to promote recipes, competitions, high-quality marketing messages and more. Additional functions such as windows in the cardboard wrap or special isolation effects can also be implemented according to your individual specifications.

You can trust the original

K3® packaging solutions meet the highest demands on modern packaging communication. The term K3® is a registered trademark and is protected by numerous patent rights (Greiner Packaging owns approximately 200 single-property rights in the forms of patents, designs and trademarks). K3® has become synonymous with high-quality combined packaging in the rigid sector.

See for yourself now!

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K3®: Benefits

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is a new exciting way to interact with your customers.

Having to decide between creative designs, functional packaging or informative messaging is no longer a concern. The remarkable K3® cardboard-plastic combination, developed by Greiner Packaging, is opening new possibilities for unprecedented marketing opportunities. It also delivers significant ecological benefits regarding CO2 emissions and recycling, making K3® a favorite of producers and customers alike.

Unleash your creativity and discover countless possibilities with K3®.

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Look & feel

  • Enhanced shelf impact: K3® cups attract attention! The cardboard wrap signifies a completely new approach to food packaging—an approach that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Unique shapes and designs: Full-cup coverage and a wrap that can be printed with up to six (6) colors on both sides, delivering full 360° design capability.
  • Aluminum lamination, embossing and hot-stamping possibilities: Add a premium look and feel to your products.
  • An elegant, inviting feel: Thanks to the cardboard wrap, K3® cups are comfortable to hold and add a premium ecological touch to your packaging.
  • Enhanced insulating properties: Burnt fingers are now a thing of the past. The cardboard wrap provides a particularly pleasant feel—even if the cup contains hot content.

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Consumer engagement

  • Maximized marketing opportunities: Engage your customers with stickers or promotions on the inside of the cardboard wrap, display printed (children’s) games and additional product information, or even trigger the purchase impulse with printed instant win codes on the wrap’s interior. High-quality printing methods allow for sophisticated design variations.
  • Windowed and shortened wraps for increased product visibility: Give your customers a peek at what’s inside.
  • Microwaveable and freezable: K3® cups meet your customers’ demands for convenience and are easily integrated into their daily routine.

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  • Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to reduced plastic content: Compared to conventional packaging, the cup’s plastic content can be decreased by up to 50%, which significantly contributes to lowering CO2 emissions during production.
  • High stability thanks to cardboard wrap: Even with a reduced plastic content, the cardboard wrap secures high stability of the cup.
  • Responsible resource consumption: Reduced plastic content combined with the use of many renewable raw materials such as recycled cardboard and virgin fiber-based cardboard. 100% protection from light when using recycled cardboard.
  • Easy separation of cardboard and plastic: The two components can be easily recycled separately thanks to the innovative zip-off strip (perforations in the cardboard wrap). An important asset for environmentally conscious consumers!
  • Barrier properties: With barrier technologies, Greiner Packaging has succeeded in bringing food shelf life for cups to a whole new level.

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K3®: Application examples

It’s not just a plastic cup, it is a broad variety of success stories.

It would be difficult to imagine European retail shelves without K3® product packaging. We’re confident that the same will soon be said of U.S. retail locations, as the demand for environmentally friendly packaging solutions as a differentiator is now growing in America. As the expert in cardboard-plastic combinations, Greiner Packaging has stepped up to meet this demand, delivering European quality built for the U.S. through our state-of-the-art facility in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Take a look at a few of our successful projects and discover how K3® could significantly increase your sales numbers in the future, too.

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