Interpack 2017: Global Packaging Trends for 2020 and Beyond

In May, we arrived in Düsseldorf, Germany for Interpack 2017 along with 170,500 other attendees. The world’s largest and most important trade fair of the packaging sector, Greiner Packaging was presenting its diverse range of innovative products for the first time in nine years and, as usual, it did not disappoint.
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Material Decisions: Polyethylene (PE) vs Polypropylene (PP)

Much like comparing apples and oranges, no two materials are created equal when it comes to your packaging needs.  The right material for your project is dependent upon a number of variables including the product itself, as well as considerations such as durability, recyclability and method of transport. When examining the differences between polyethylene and polypropylene materials, it can be summed up in a difference of structure that results in varying physical, thermal and chemical properties. These, in turn, translate to varying limits on temperature exposure, rigidity, permeability, sustainability, and optical properties.

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Dairy packaging innovations: an enhanced experience for consumers and manufacturers

For reasons we will look at today, dairy products packaging is currently undergoing significant design and development changes, resulting in a greatly improved experience for consumers and manufacturers alike. Many of today’s pioneering dairy containers incorporate technology that delivers lightweight, renewable materials, significant UV protection and, from a marketing standpoint, considerably enhanced opportunities for exterior brand messaging. Read more