Lost in a Sea of Commodity Products: Why Dairy Producers Must Differentiate

The outlook for the dairy industry looks mostly positive for 2018. The reason dairy continues to hold steady? It likely has a lot to do with urbanization, according to the Global Dairy Sector — Trends and Opportunities report from Deloitte. As incomes and urban centers grow, individuals tend to receive more of their calories from proteins (including dairy) instead of carbohydrates, pushing the expected global demand for dairy to increase by 2.5 percent annually to 2020.

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Beyond the Creative: Overlooked Elements of Packaging Design

Often, when one thinks of packaging design, the first elements that come to mind are color, shape. There are, however, many elements that go beyond the obvious outward-facing features that contribute to the success or failure of a product’s packaging design.

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As Purchases Go Digital, Packaging Design Must Get Creative to Win Consumer Engagement

Creative packaging design is becoming increasingly important as shoppers turn to digital methods to make purchases. With this dramatic shift (online consumers will reportedly grow to roughly 1.6 billion in 2018, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), it is evident that relying upon the “old ways” of attracting consumers at the point of sale will no longer be effective. Packaging must work harder — and be more creative — in order to drive brand engagement.

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How to make packaging sustainable and effective

Can packaging be sustainable and effective at the same time?

Packaging is more complicated than it looks. Protecting food and extending shelf life are a paramount goal of packaging, but sustainability, marketing and education are close seconds. Recent advances in food packaging have made the worldwide food supply as safe as it has ever been, but packaging technology must strike a balance between food protection and other issues, including energy and material costs, social and environmental consciousness, and strict regulations on pollutants and the disposal of municipal solid waste. Read more