Eco-friendly Packaging: From Consumer Incentive to Consumer Expectation

Understanding the wants and needs of consumers is crucial to win their trust and loyalty, and can be extremely important to the success of your food or dairy item.

This has never been more true for the package that surrounds, protects, and markets your product. Not only is it the gateway to attracting their attention, but it needs to take into account the expectations that consumers have when they buy into your branded item. And now, more than ever, consumers are putting a higher priority on buying brands that are housed in sustainable packaging — and they are increasingly willing to spend more for these eco-friendly options.

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As Purchases Go Digital, Packaging Design Must Get Creative to Win Consumer Engagement

Creative packaging design is becoming increasingly important as shoppers turn to digital methods to make purchases. With this dramatic shift (online consumers will reportedly grow to roughly 1.6 billion in 2018, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), it is evident that relying upon the “old ways” of attracting consumers at the point of sale will no longer be effective. Packaging must work harder — and be more creative — in order to drive brand engagement.

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The “Amazon-ization” of Fresh Food: How Packaging Must Evolve in 2018

Move over Google. It seems that Amazon is the next online behemoth trying to take over the world!

While it began in 1995 as an online book retailer, the company has since expanded to offer sporting goods, clothes, jewelry, electronics, outdoor equipment, healthcare products and, more recently, even fresh food delivery via the company’s AmazonFresh offering.Read more

Four packaging trends to watch in 2017

As the new year begins to unfold, it’s a good time to take a closer look at the year that lies ahead. While 2016 brought the packaging world a number of innovations, 2017 promises to be even more exciting as we see new and interesting ways for product packaging to interact directly with the consumer, save money, and positively impact the planet. Read on for four packaging trends that Greiner Packaging will be closely monitoring over the coming months.

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Advances in barrier technologies

In this current era of healthy eating and organic diets, consumer demand for longer product shelf life without added preservatives is increasing. Depending on the product and its sensitivities — whether it be to moisture, oxygen, or light — it is often vital to provide food packaging protection by incorporating barrier properties during production. To help our clients deliver the best products possible, Greiner Packaging has heavily invested in advancing two new forms of barrier technology.
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Labeling in High Demand: 3 Major Packaging Trends from PACK EXPO 2016

We’ve just returned from Chicago where we exhibited at the PACK EXPO International 2016 show. In the few days since, we’ve been able to reflect on the experience and our takeaways from the tradeshow floor, including the latest packaging innovations and the ways in which our customers’ needs and demands continue to evolve. Read on for some of the major packaging trends that stood out to us during our visit to the Windy City.Read more